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Frame Running Around the World

Frame Running is a rapidly growing sport around the world. While still uncommon in the United States, we can look to other countries to see how Frame Running groups are helping countless disabled individuals become athletes - or just enjoy increased mobility recreationally. These clubs and organizations often offer a wealth of information and inspiration on their websites and social media feeds, so we felt that listing a few of our favorites here would be useful to anyone learning about the sport.

Past Events

​​2023 Frame  Running International

Camp & CPISRA International Cup

Wed 19 Jul 2023  —  Wed 26 Jul 2023 2023 Copenhagen, Denmark

Cerebral Palsy (CP) Sport is England's leading national disability sports organization, supporting people with cerebral palsy reach their sporting potential. Their vision is that everyone with physical disabilities is able to access a sport of their choice. 

The first frame running/running bike club in Scotland. Their mission is to provide the opportunity of independent movement to those with a physical difficulty that affects their balance and mobility. 

Disability Sports Australia is Australia’s peak national body representing athletes with a physical disability. ​

Now I Can Run is a non-profit in ​Australia run by Amy Tobin, a Frame Runner herself. 

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