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Frame Running Development Camp & World AbilitySport International Cup

Copenhagen, Denmark • July 7-14, 2024

2024 The Hartford Nationals
Conducted by Move United

Hoover, Alabama • July 12-18, 2024

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Frame Running USA is an organization focused on the development of the Frame Running community throughout North America. Frame Running is an international adaptive sport and recreational activity for people with limited or challenged mobility. 

From rehabilitation to competition, Frame Running is an effective and inclusive way to experience freedom of movement.

  • Aids with disabilities such as CP, MS, SCI, TBI, stroke, Parkinson's, and balance issues.

  • Recreational or competitive mobility solution for all ages and abilities

  • Ideal for adaptive inclusive recreation centers, programs, and events

  • Beneficial in physiotherapy and developmental therapeutic settings

  • Can be used on track, bike paths, or rail & trail

Developing Frame Running programs is an important step in fostering a more inclusive and diverse community. Frame Running USA offers training and guidance in program development - reach out to our team to connect and learn more.

What is Frame Running?

Frame Running (also known as RaceRunning) is an international disability sport in which children and adults compete with running frames on an athletics track. Events range from 40 to 3000 meters. Competitors are classified based on their disability and race against other competitors in their class. 

Three running frames, made by WISP, RAD-Innovations, and Connie Hansen

About the Frame

​A running frame is a three wheeled frame (like a trike) without pedals which supports you as you walk or run. Running frames can be used by people of all ages for recreation and sport at a variety of levels. It is is an effective way of improving overall fitness, strength and well-being.

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Frame Running in North America


"It took me back to my childhood, to way before I got sick, when I could run. I hadn't experienced the feeling of running in 25 years."

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Whether you're interested in competition, recreation, or just getting from point A to B, keep up to date on the latest news, events, and updates about frame running by signing up for our newsletter. 

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